Chemical Cleaning – A deeper finish


After extensive use of cooking in the kitchen will leave your kitchen in a greasy and state. Chemical clean the kitchen will remove the stubborn oil or grease stains that are hard to remove with conventional cleaning methods.

Job Scope

  • Degreasing of Kitchen tiles
  • Degreasing of External cabinets
  • Degreasing of Cooker Hood
  • Scrub down of Basin
  • Degreasing of Oven internal (Specify)


Keeping your bathroom clean is essential for any apartments. Due poor ventilation and higher moisture level compared to the rest of the apartment, bacteria and micro-organisms would easily inhabit parts of your bathroom. Chemical cleaning will use stronger chemicals to remove stubborn stains that conventional cleaning methods could not.

Job Scope

  • Chemical degrease of Wall Tiles
  • Chemical degrease of Shower Screen
  • Mould Removal
  • Chemical Wash of Towel Bowl
  • Chemical Wash of Basin

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