Disinfection Service

We provide adhoc disinfection requests as well as regular disinfection for both commercial
properties and homes with tested bio-fogging and electrostatic systems and food-safe
nontoxic disinfectants.

• Trained teams
• Certification provided
• NEA Licensed

Types of Disinfection Services

Upon diagnosis (For premises exposed to covid-19 or other virus / bacteria)

If the patient diagnosed is sent off to a quarantine centre / another premises, you can
engage us to disinfect the entire property.

If the patient diagnosed chooses to quarantine at home, you can engage us to
disinfect the entire property and leave out the room which patient is quarantined in.

Preventive Disinfection (Once-Off / Weekly / Monthly / Quarterly)

How do we disinfect your premise

Our trained team arrives at your premise and notify you. They will be changing into their PPE and getting ready their equipment (takes around 5-10 mins). Once ready they will enter premise and inform you to leave the premise / wait outside. Disinfection process which comprises of the following will start

  • Bio-fogging (Fog down walls, ceilings)
  • Electrostatic UV misting (Mist down furnishings, eg. tables and chairs, small
    items on counters)
  • Wipe down of frequently touched surfaces (eg. handles, switch, flush buttons,
    taps, basins, toilet seats)

    Mop down of floors
    For service duration, please check with us during your booking, the duration depends
    on your property type and size.

    What type of virus or bacteria is the disinfection effective against?
    Our system is proven effective against influenza virus (eg. covid-19, coronavirus),
    rotavirus, smallpox, HIV, Hand and Mouth viruses, bacteria and fungus (eg.
    salmonella, yeast, candida, streptococcus)

    Is the disinfection processes pet-safe / baby-safe
    Yes, the process and disinfectant applied is pet-safe and baby-safe, retains activity
    even in hardwater and various types of soil. Does not leave perceivable residues on treated surfaces (eg. non-sticky, odorless, quick dry)

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