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The services we provide

We offer a variety of services to make your rooms All Clean!

  • Post-Renovation Cleaning
  • Post-Tenancy Cleaning
  • Spring Cleaning
  • Bathroom Chemical Cleaning 
  • Kitchen Chemical Cleaning
  • On-Site Curtain Steam Cleaning
  • Mattress Cleaning / Sofa Cleaning
  • Carpet Deep Cleaning

ALL For Efficiency

All Cleaning provides a range of comprehensive professional cleaning services and disinfection treatment for your homes, offices and commercial buildings.

Our goal is to provide, clean and quality services in Singapore with the most effective methods to keep your commodity ALL CLEAN.

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How long does the whole service take?

Usually a professional cleaning session will last between 2 hours to 4 hours, it depends on the size of the
apartment / your requested areas

Are your cleaning solutions safe? – I have babies / pets at home

Yes, our cleaning agents are made of food grade ingredients.

Will cleaners help to do dismantling and installation? (eg. light covers / fan covers) or moving of items
like fridge or washing machine

Cleaners are unable to be trained to dismantle / install as there are many different models available in
the market and every opening or clip is different, some clips may also be old and damaged already and
owner is not aware – thus to not risk any damage, cleaners are unable to assist with dismantling or
installing – however if you do the dismantling / installing yourself, cleaners will be happy to help you to
clean the item. For moving of washing machine or fridge out to clean areas underneath, if the item has
sufficient space to move out or if it is not too heavy to move out, cleaners can assist with this item only
upon request onsite. Do note that there is a risk associated with this request, as some washing machine
tubes might leak or electrical cables might not work properly if they are shifted as home owners will
need to fix that on their own after cleaners are done.

Do you clean chandelier lights?

For chandelier cleaning, you can engage the services of a chandelier cleaning specialist. Our service
agents will be pleased to assist you if you need any referral.

Will cleaners help to clean the walls?

Cleaners can assist with spot cleaning a few spots on the walls that have finger / hand prints, a few spots
of lizard droppings, note that not all spots are able to be cleaned off. If your expectation is to clean all
walls to get rid of all marks eg. for a property handover, you may wish to engage a painter’s service
instead as that covers up marks nicely.
You may also opt for our microfiber wall cleaning option, if your objective is to get rid of dust or
cobwebs on the walls, or for example to get rid of renovation dust.

Will cleaners help to clean external of windows?

Our quotation usually includes only cleaning of the window internals since due to safety regulations,
cleaners are unable to clean window externals of most homes safely.

Will cleaners help to clean ceilings or high windows that are above 3 metres?

This item is to be pre-booked in advance so cleaners can get ready tools and equipments for cleaning of
high windows / glass panels above 3 metres height.

Will cleaners help to clean insides of cabinets or wardrobes or shelves with small ornaments?

Cleaners can clean the insides of empty cabinets and wardrobes. Usually cleaners are trained not to
touch client’s personal items in the house thus they are not comfortable to clean insides of cabinets that
are filled or shelves with small ornaments as they do not want to risk any damage to small or breakable
items like glass wares or photo frames. You may wish to engage 1 to 2 cleaners particularly for assisting
you with this purpose and specify this jobscope in advance so we can send cleaners that have been
particularly trained to do this. *however accidents may still happen, especially if you have glassware to
be cleaned, do take note.

It is possible to get rid of stains in my toilet bowls, floor tiles, bathroom wall tiles?

For surfaces with stains, a chemical wash can be added to your service as cleaners will be using a
stronger cleaning chemical to work on the stained spot. Take note that we do not use the strongest type
of acids in our chemical list since some type of surface (eg. stainless steel) or tiles might not be able to
withstand the strength. Certain type of stains will lighten over time as it gets cleaned more often.

Can I ask cleaners to use our own cleaning product or materials at home?

Yes you may but do note that our in-house supplies, equipments and products which we have specially
sourced and prepared for our cleaners are tried and tested for their quality and our cleaners are trained
to use them to clean efficiently and effectively. If you are concerned about using recycled cloths (we put
cloths and mop pads to a rigorous 3-cycle hot water disinfection after every use and cloths are disposed
after every 3 to 4 cycles), you may also opt to purchase a new pack of miracle microfiber cloths at $40
per pack of 10pcs and you can either choose to keep the cloths – tell us in advance – or cleaners will
remove them if there is no request given by the clients to keep the cloths.

What is the scope of chemical cleaning / degreasing for the kitchen?

We will be using stronger degreasing agents that is suitable for all types of surfaces to remove stains /
oily areas in the kitchen, on basins / stove / walls / cooker hood.

What’s the benefit of steam cleaning as compared to the UVlight dry vacuuming method or the
shampooing method?

Steam cleaning does more than killing germs alone. The high temperature found in steam cleaning can
kill eggs of parasites like bedbugs plus helps in deodorising (removal of smells, freshening up the fabric)
as well as kill viruses (eg. covid-19, H1N1) on top of killing germs and bacteria.
Shampooing is a wet method that if not careful in the process – causes mould or foul smell to build up.
The moisture level is only 6% so your item will be ready for use again in around an hour – if you have
good ventilation / fans around may even be quicker to fully dry.

Why does my sofa seems to look “patchy” after the treatment?

On some materials, after steam cleaning, the material might look “patchy” or have some watermarks.
This is normal due to the nature of some materials. It is safe to continue normal use of the item, as it will
normalize over time.

It is possible to get rid of stains on my curtains / sofa / mattress or carpet?

While our cleaners will make efforts to work on minor spot stains on upholstery items, we are unable to
guarantee if any stains can be removed since it would depends on what caused the stains, type of
material, how long has the stain been on the item, etc. etc. and not every material is suitable for
application of stain removers. Some stains will lighten over time as it gets cleaned more often.

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